SPARSH: Teen Challenge of Pune

In the heart of Pune
with Pune at heart

Sparsh Mission
Sparsh is the Hindi word for TOUCH. We are committed to touching the lives of women and children who have been trafficked, children who live on the streets, and those who have addiction problems.  We rescue, empower, and seek transformation in their lives.

Touching Lives
Changing Destinies

Children (left) are rescured from
"Red Light," the train stations and streets. In the sewers of Pune, Santush (right) lost his arm to infection for drugs. He is still on the street.
  • Sparsh Office: 020-41232024
  • Timothy +918149005151
  • Joyce +918149004242

Email: tim@tcpune.org
WEB Site: www.tcpune.org

Providing visionary leadership, direction and coordination to the combined strategic Teen Challenge initiative of Teen Challenge Pune


arrow Treatment:residential care of chidren at risk and mothers

Intervention: Concerned counseling, and community care in Pune e

Prevention: Drug awareness teams and outreach on streets.


  • Touch the untouchable
  • To meet needs
  • Care for children.
  • Be wise.

  To model the practical compassion based ministry of Jesus by addressing basic human need, from Addicts bound by addiction and their children to victims of HIV and commercial sexual exploitation and slavery through feeding, housing, education, training and residential care.

•  To give each resident the opportunity to experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and offer practical tools to become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, and physically well, now that they are spiritually alive.

•  To meet spiritual needs providing Christ-centered ministry and evangelistic outreach.
•  To demonstrate excellence in all we do.
•  To pioneer the way to new vistas of treatment, ministry & care; to to be an example for other organizations.